Talking back with disrespect
Thinking it makes them grown
After a while, there is no child
Because now they’re on their own


I need her to pray with me
Morning noon and night
So that our kids embrace life
And symbolize what’s wrong and right


I saw a little boy in school one day
He seemed troubled and distraught
I asked if he had a dad at home
He’s in jail because, he got caught


Time 2
MANning Up

Jasper “Mr. HORSE” Manning shares his poetry collection that promotes self-reflection on various facets of life as a father, a husband, a working man, and a Christian.

His experiences deal with life, love, and Christ. The inspirational book aims to entertain those who understand and embrace the passion of tradition and thought-provoking daily life lessons through Earlism. The book touches on traditional values like how to treat women and the necessary notes to take for the providers of the family.

With many distractions in society, he aims to counteract depression. He also desires to convey that chivalrous acts are still appreciated to this day. The poems in Time 2 MANning Up offer men an opportunity to reflect on their own personal experiences and the decisions they make in their daily lives.



Every poem in this title is brief but designed to convey wisdom and the product of experience more than stir emotions with curated verse. It feels like a new type of “teaching poem” that has directives and direct calls to the reader to reflect on their actions and how they could be improved. This exchange isn’t interactive per se but encourages the reader to be an active participant and consider how the lessons apply to their own life. The message is the detail given the most emphasis and attention in this book. The language used by the author is very straightforward and accessible, meaning anyone can pick up this book and get right to the heart of it without having an existing appreciation for poetry or written verse. Heartfelt and honest, this book can be seen as entertainment or as a pocket-sized resource on how a man ought to handle specific or general trials.

Michael Radon, The US Review of Books




is Broken

Book Description: America is built on the foundation of RACISM and protest. Some people don’t understand what it is like to always be on guard. I would like to share with the rest of the world some of the things that I have experienced in regards to my son’s military career, teaching, students, marriages, and personal walks as a man of God. After the world takes the time to embrace the experiences that I have, It will give them an opportunity to rethink some of their actions, embrace their relationships with their significant others, family members, and people in general. There is also some light hearted poetry that I hope will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to share my experiences with you.


Manning, who served in the military and pursued a career including business administration and leadership, is also a sports coach and, clearly, a wordsmith and philosopher. His message will appeal to young black men especially, urging them to set and fulfill high practical and spiritual goals. His poems incorporate lively rhyme, clever twists, and genuine, smile-invoking humor. The variety of ideas arrayed, including prose aphorisms called “Earlisms,” further proves Manning’s acumen. The inward striving stressed throughout expresses and often supersedes the black/white issues. Manning’s words have consistent motivational power, reaching out firmly to all thoughtful, sensitive readers in a wide variety of circumstances.

Barbara Bamberger Scott, The US Review of Books



Time 4 Healing:

Make it Make Sense

A collection of poems to channel uncomfortable conversations… that will allow for healing so that as Americans we can move forward from a history of lies orchestrated by systemic supremacy. With these conversations about racism, family values, education, marriage, friendships and other awakening moments, our country can move forward to a more powerful and prosperous United States of America where freedom holds the true meaning of freedom for all Americans and those who wish to be.


This current collection—part memoir, part widely gathered wisdom of the way the world works—includes a poignant prose narrative about an incident in his professional life in which “an adult had to learn a lesson from a student about human dignity.” Manning’s verses, most rhyming in ABAB format, enhearten and inspire across many aspects of human life and spiritual truth. Throughout, the poet’s humility and willingness to learn are evident, yet his strength is always at play as he urges readers to heal themselves of all torments, to step out, speak out, and perhaps find their own inner poet. His powerfully posited perspective as a Black American can surely inspire others of any race to grasp the true meaning of the country’s history and current upheavals and to begin searching for ways to make the nation the best place it can and should be.

Barbara Bambeger Scott, The US Review of Books

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